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Inbetween Models is more than just a modelling agency, we are an agency on a global mission to make sure the fashion industry will be a healthier and more diverse place for all! We don’t believe in the perfect picture and set measurements; we want to show the fashion industry you are good enough as you are without needing to change. We put our words into action and motivate our models to share their stories and experiences as they are a vital part of achieving our mission. With the stories of our models, we shine light on where the industry needs to change and believe us it is still needed this very day! To us a role model is someone who confident, loves their body, is not afraid to tell their story and inspires others to do the same.  Our models are the role models for the future generations to come and we invite you to be part of their journey. Because we believe that only by standing together, we can achieve our global mission!

Our core values

Support and care

We always make sure we facilitate our models with personal guidance, our time and care.

Confidence and well-being

We will never ask our models to go on a diet or follow a strict workout schedule. We just promote them to be confident and healthy.

Fast communication

We take immense pride in our commitment to fast communication. It is an essential aspect of our operations that drives success and strengthens our relationships with both our models and valued clients.

Role Models

At inbetween Models we motivate our models to be the best version of themselves and to inspire others to do the same. We believe that our models are more than just a pretty face and we want to give them the opportunity to share their stories and experiences with the world.

Terry Groenen

My Journey

When I started my personal modelling journey in the fashion industry, I quickly realized that I didn’t fit in the measurements of the industry standard. I was always either ‘too big’ or ‘too skinny’ and this had a huge impact on my confidence during that period. When I participated in a tv show where I got let go for not fitting the beauty image, I decided I had enough. These personal experiences and challenges I faced along the way inspired me to share my own story. I spoke to major media platforms on a national and international level about my challenges regarding sizes in modelling and I quickly found out I wasn’t the only one. Many models and young people felt the same pressures and frustrations of trying to fit into a perfect beauty standard – a beauty standard that is often unrealistic and unhealthy. I noticed people had enough and that they were ready for a change. I decided that if change is needed, I will lead that change myself. That is how I started Inbetween Models, a modelling agency that has a global mission of making the fashion industry more diverse and inclusive. Everyone is different and that is why beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, so why just have one perfect beauty standard?

Inbetween Model

Authenticity and Empowerment

At Inbetween Models, we believe beauty isn’t defined by conventional sizes or standards, but by authenticity and self-confidence. We believe that beauty comes from the inside out and when you feel good in your own skin it will show on the outside too. “To be an Inbetween Model means to be completely and unapologetically be yourself,” and that includes the power and confidence to share your story. We value our models and want them to know they can always talk to us whatever is on their minds. At Inbetween Models it is our goal to represent the role models in fashion for future generations to come. For us it is very important that the future generation gets to see models in magazines and on runways, who are confident, strong, and feel comfortable in their own skin. We make health and diversity our daily mission and will continue to advocate for change as long as needed!


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