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Celebrate the true beauty of diversity and health with Inbetween Models. We uplift self-confidence, inner well-being, and body positivity, creating a universe where you shine from the inside out. Join our global mission to reshape fashion. Discover more about our (role)models and make a difference today!

Perfectly Inbetween. Realistic Beauty. Revolutionizing the Fashion World.

I never felt like I fitted in, even though I was constantly approached for modeling. Every time I was too skinny or too fat, it made me insecure about my body and I started to doubt myself. Until one day through my experience with a modeling TV show I realized I was an ‘Inbetween model’. Something that did not exist in the fashion industry yet, and at the same time I was the average size of most of the women around the world. After my experience and sharing my newfound insight, I received so much attention of the media and people on- and offline that I asked myself: Why won’t I create an agency for models like me?


Terry Groenen

Founder, Inbetween Models

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Bente Riensema

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Read the personal stories from our inspiring Inbetween Models - each embracing their unique beauty, challenging the stereotypes, and contributing to our mission of transforming the fashion industry. Together, we're redefining the idea of beauty.


Inbetween Models stands out because Terry genuinely cares about each individual and their well-being. They've been a supportive force, consistently motivating me to thrive from day one. I look forward to a future at Inbetween Models where I can focus on my work without compromising my body, collaborating with clients who resonate with our shared values.

More about Anna
Anna Chan


Inbetween Models feels like a second family and is a very warm agency where you and your health come first.

More about Bente
Bente Wesselink


Something that really inspires me about Inbetween Models, is their drive to change the modeling industry and how hard they work for it. Everyone is unique and beautiful in their own way.

More about Carmene
Carmene Irakoze


What I love about inbetween models is that I have the freedom to share my journey, I am one of the first men at IB, and I am super excited about how everything will work out.

More about Chris
Chris Zaide


I think the most important thing at Inbetween Models is the models’ well-being is genuinely important to them. Where other agencies capitalize on insecurities, at Inbetween you are completely accepted as you are!

More about Evy
Evy Cuijpers


Inbetween Models stands for inclusivity and is changing the now existing beauty standards. The agency distinguishes itself from other modeling agencies that still hold on to the measuring tapes. I fully support Inbetween Models in this and I think it is great that they are building a new world for models in this way. I feel really recognized here.

More about Naima
Naima Clements


The message behind Inbetween Models connects to my idea of what modeling should be.

More about Sigrid
Sigrid Boersma


Inbetween Models doesn’t just want to make a change, they make the change. Not only do they step out of the box, but through individual attention they give me more confidence in achieving my ultimate goal

More about Yendrel
Yendrel Arias Mena

From our clients

We pride ourselves in working with big and inspiring names in the fashion industry. Our clients, therefore, play a big role in changing the fashion industry with us. By bundling our strengths and visions, together we are creating a more diverse and healthier beauty standard. With our clients supporting our ‘Inbetween’ mission they are sending a strong message that everyone is good enough as they are and that you don’t have to change anything.


Our collaboration with Inbetween Models is extremely positive and has exceeded my expectations on several fronts. The communication is very professional, efficient and fast. The models are versatile, professional, flexible and have a natural charisma. Inbetween Models stands out because of their commitment to diversity and inclusiveness. They understand that true beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and backgrounds and they proudly represent that by offering a variety of models. My own positive experiences with Inbetween Models have proven them to be a valuable addition to the modeling world and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for authenticity and quality.

Amber Kuijer

Producer, LINDA.magazine.

We love working with Terry and the team at Inbetween Models. They offer clear and efficient communication, and always have their models’ best interests at heart. Terry goes above and beyond to nurture her models and have a personal relationship with them. We represent Anna Chan and she always received excellent feedback from clients on set. She is punctual and full of energy. Fun and enjoyable to be around, whilst remaining professional.

Polly Chesterfield

Director, Boundary London

We as a company are sure that Terry and her agency are the pioneers of a very successful imperium. The models are cast and guided with care, which makes it amazing to work with them.


Development Manager, Hans Boodt Mannequins

The experience with Inbetween Models is very positive and will certainly be continued because of the pleasant cooperation. The communication is experienced as very adequate and fast, which is unique within the industry. The quality and professionalism of the models during both shows and shoots is high, they show dedication and friendliness which enhances the cooperation. Inbetween Models stands out for their excellent communication and creativity in finding appropriate solutions. I would absolutely recommend Inbetween Models to other professionals in the industry, especially because of their proactive approach and willingness to go the extra mile.

Noël Hermsen

Art Director, SESSIBON

Working with Inbetween Models it's always a great pleasure, they are professional and respond very fast which makes the processes easier. Communication is key in our industry, so to know that Inbetween Models is one call away is very positive. It’s like working with a very close friend. We also hear from our clients that they are very happy with the models. We would a 100% recommend Inbetween Models to others as they are always ready to think along with you to create the best results and achieve your vision.

Christopher Tran

Booker, UP Models / DMG Paris

Colab with international agencies

While more agencies from all over the world are supporting Inbetween Models and our values, we can pride ourselves with some inspiring collaborations! At Inbetween Models we are aware that relations and collaborations are everything when it comes to taking a stand. We attach great value to all these relationships we have built up over the years and are grateful for them supporting our values and mission!

Do you believe in our values as well? And do you want to work together with us? We would love to think along and create amazing results together!



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